Life II at Lover’s Key

Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”

Christine and I started an adventure a decade ago that we labeled: LIFE II. We decided to live full on with adventures fueled by passion and integrated with our love of God, faith in Jesus and our connection to His creation.

Not everyday has been easy and we have traversed many dangerous precipices along this pathway. Some of our seasons have been foggy and step-by-step; while others have stunned us by their clarity of color and peaceful energy. There have been moments where we’ve wandered at the edge of darkness with God’s light faded and obscure. While other times we found ourselves experiencing the grip of His hand on our shoulder leading us in grace and truth.

NEVER has it ceased to be an adventure! We have NEVER taken for granted that which we have been given as temporary gifts to be enjoyed and employed for God’s glory. We are thankful and grateful for each step of this great life adventure.

We are saying “so long” to Lover’s Key as we felt the time was right to move on to a new adventure. This morning I walked the beach that became a precious friend back in 2010 when I first walked it’s shores and collected its treasure of shells and memories. It’s salt water has calmed my soul more often than not. It has been at times a soothing spa of calm in the midst of turbulence.

I visited the most familiar of its beach relics this morning. I’ve photographed it’s beckoning branches every time I’ve walked this seemingly sacred sand.

My kids and grandkids have passed by and played in its sun bleached arms with memorial shells adorning their fingers.

I have become wealthy many times over with the joy of collecting sand dollars and shells to fill my pockets and treasure bags. We have shared our beach and it’s blessings with countless friends and family, and even strangers from around the globe.

The new residents of Lovers Key Beach Club 106 take their keys to future memories, sand in the toes, and shell collecting. Christine and I will ALWAYS love Lovers Key and will most likely visit from time-to-time…but it will no longer be our home away from home. We will return as guests…old friends if you will…recounting days past.

Today…Present-in the Moment.

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