Serenity…more needed

I saw some ducks floating peacefully in a pond this morning. I sat by an empty beach and watched birds coasting gracefully over a lake sunrise. I watched as my Pug lay on her side and basted in the soft sunlight straining through the screen.


noun: the state of being calm, peaceful, and without concern.

Finding myself so often in nature since hitting the road last August…serenity has been attainable. But I know for most people today, the ideal of serenity seems unreachable…a dream of vapor at best.

Let’s face it…our society places a premium on things money can buy. And we labor furiously to achieve that which always seems just out of our grasp. That shiny car, a new outfit…of course shoes, a boat.

Maybe it’s the dream home, a pool, forest with a creek? Travel the world and record the sites, walk beaches in the Caribbean.

What is it that will bring you serenity…now…in this moment?

Back to the ducks. When you watch them float about and fish, it is a picture of peace-no drama-on the surface. But under the surface their feet and legs are moving swiftly…great action! Just below the surface.

Some people you pass by have it altogether on the surface, but under the calm waters may be a frenetic battle to stay afloat. That friend who always has it together. The neighbor who has all the toys, but just might have relationship problems.

Look for the tears of the clown!

I wonder if it’s possible to be serenity for those we have contact with? To offer serenity. To example serenity. To prove serenity.

For me…serenity requires action on my part. A quiet place (in mind or reality), pausing from the regular, and contemplating prayer. Don’t get lost-but rather, be deliberate and intentional.

The result for me?

Clarity from confusion. Reflection over reaction. Sanctity versus static. Peace in response to pain.

I think of things otherwise hidden. I plan without seeing the roadblocks. My confidence becomes visible and I approach my next steps “brave and fearless,” to quote my granddaughter.

Google the serenity prayer and then find a quiet place to be present-inthemoment!

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  1. Someone recently said, “we spend half our lives trying to “get” stuff and the last half getting rid of it…..


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