Present…and accounted for

A dear friend of mine has suggested I do a devotional. I thought about it and dismissed the idea. Then I turned 60 and thought: Why not?

But…I don’t want it to be a “traditional” devotional. I want it to be raw and transparent and relatable (made that one up…but you’ll see a lot of that activity).

Let me explain: some time back I visited a small rural Bible-believing church. Wonderful people and sincere ministry… no fault with that. But it was like a mail order schematic for Bible churches! Full of trite and overused sayings and phrases…none of which are used by the same people on every other day but Sunday. Sounds critical, I know…but it is tired church talk. I crave Christians who honestly express themselves and are fair in their self-assessment.

This is how my blog will read…transparent and real with biblical expressions that relate and reflect.

Clearly understand, though I am biblically trained and have some life experience, I am in no manner an expert or theological in all things. I am an ongoing seeker and follower- who strives to understand life and a successful walk with God!

I would prefer no judgment and and negativity. We may touch on politics, but only if it relates to life and biblical truth. Please, if you cannot be positive…don’t partake in the blog! It is that simple.

My wife Christine and I travel the country, so I will be sharing our experiences and pictures that illustrate them. The devotional will be anecdotal and hopefully inspire the reader to pause and be “present and in the moment” in their day-to-day experience with God.

Btw….please no grammar police! I don’t really care about that. Also, my perspective is conservative Christian-but respectful of all walks and choices my readers may be reflect. Love the sinner…because I’m one…saved by grace!

Hope you join me and dialogue your experiences…in the moment!

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